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The Funding Interests Of Colcom Foundation

The successor to the Mellon wealth, Cordelia Scaife May, established the private Colcom Foundation in 1996. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based foundation’s primary objective is to provide financial support to groups that seek to advance environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, and immigration reform. The Colcom Foundation supports a wide range of groups that aim to preserve biodiversity on Earth, as well as wildlife and their natural habitats, sustainable land use, and other causes.

Environmentalism is one of the Colcom Foundation’s main financing priorities. The foundation provides funding to groups that promote sustainable land use methods and the preservation of animals and natural habitats. The Colcom Foundation understands the significance of protecting biodiversity and preserving healthy ecosystems. In order to restore and safeguard threatened species and their habitats, it funds groups that do so. The foundation also funds research that advances our knowledge of the natural world and supports conservation activities.

Sustainable Agriculture” is one of the Colcom Foundation’s additional financing priorities. The foundation is aware of how significantly agriculture contributes to environmental deterioration and climate change. It thus supports organizations that advance sustainable farming methods including organic farming and regenerative agriculture. The organization also funds research that aims to find solutions to lessen agriculture’s negative environmental effects while preserving food security.

And last, the foundation is dedicated to helping groups that push for immigration reform. Additionally, it acknowledges that immigration is a complicated topic with ramifications for the environment and society at large. As a result, it gives money to groups that strive for comprehensive immigration reform that considers the interests of immigrants as well as the environment. Colcom Foundation additionally funds study that aids in forming immigration policy choices.

The foundation’s varied variety of financial interests, which show its dedication to environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, and immigration reform, are summarized below. The foundation is assisting in the promotion of a more sustainable and equitable future for all by giving funding to organizations that strive toward achieving these objectives. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


More about Colcom on https://www.colcomfdn.org/democratic-values/


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