Tom Keane: Empowering Cloud Computing With Unparalleled Certifications

In cloud computing, Tom Keane is a pivotal figure, shaping the future of Microsoft Azure as the Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he has propelled Azure to new heights, surpassing competitors and solidifying its position as the foremost hyper-scale cloud platform provider. This article delves into the remarkable achievements and recent certifications attained by Microsoft Azure under Keane’s astute leadership.


A Global Array Of New Certifications

Under Keane’s guidance, Azure has acquired an impressive array of certifications, outshining other cloud providers in the industry. Azure boasts an unparalleled total of 22 certifications and attestations from across the globe, reinforcing its commitment to compliance and data security.


Tom Keane: United States Defense Information System Agency (Disa) Level 2

Azure’s DISA Level 2 certification is a monumental milestone, demonstrating its capacity to meet the stringent security requirements of Defense agencies. This authorization allows Azure to host essential defense applications, empowering these agencies with a reliable and secure cloud computing platform.


Japan Financial Industry Information Systems (Fisc)

The tech expert´s unwavering dedication to meeting diverse industry needs led to Azure’s successful assessment of FISC compliance. Tom Keane explains that Japanese banks and financial institutions can now confidently utilize Azure’s cloud services, knowing that it aligns with the rigorous security standards recommended by FISC.


New Zealand Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO)

By fulfilling the rigorous security and privacy requirements of the GCIO framework, Azure Global from Microsoft Corporation has become the go-to cloud platform for New Zealand government organizations. Tom Keane’s focus on data sovereignty, governance, and incident response has cemented Azure’s position as a trustworthy partner in the New Zealand public sector.

Cloud Services Engineer Tom Keane

Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (Mtcs) Level 3

Keane’s commitment to providing the highest level of security is evident through Azure’s certification at the MTCS Level 3. This prestigious recognition caters to regulated organizations with critical data, assuring them of Azure’s ability to meet the most stringent security requirements.


Tom Keane: Investing In Compliance Programs

Azure’s continuous investment in compliance programs and innovative processes exemplify Keane’s visionary leadership. Azure’s comprehensive suite of certifications and attestations instills confidence in customers, ensuring their infrastructure and applications are compliant and secure.