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Tom Keane on Azure Cloud Computing

According to Tom Keane, national security could be significantly improved by utilizing new and better technology from Microsoft Azure. This is a cloud based computing service. Software developer Tom Keane says that the program has been able to analyze the data created by drones, which is critical to create timely intelligence reports that can be used by military personnel and authorities.


Tom Keane also talks about how while much of the technology in use today is based on decryption, newer technologies such as Microsoft’s provide a unique mix of security and speed. The next generation of cloud computing won’t just include Internet-based services such as Gmail or Twitter, but also new types of applications that require rethinking what we mean when we talk about “the cloud.” 


The idea is to create ways to allow people, who may not have Internet access or may not be computer savvy enough to set up a virtual private network (VPN), to use advanced gaming, medical and government-related technologies. According to software engineer Tom Keane, new capabilities are being built on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Tom Keane says that this new way of using cloud based technology will be able to provide an easy and convenient way for people to use new technologies and at faster speeds. The software engineer also states that the use of cloud computing could eliminate a lot of the problems associated with traditional computer systems and data center systems as well. Finally, Tom Keane suggests that this is only going to increase in the future, which provides more security and convenience for society at large.

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