Trevor Edwards Biography

Trevor Edwards is a renowned marketing genius born in London in 1962. He grew up in a humble background in a small town in South London. His father, Olsie was an accountant and his mother, Joyce, was a nurse. They worked hard to ensure that he got all he needed. At the age of 13, Trevor Edwards’ family moved to Jamaica, a life-changing event. At first, he didn’t like the idea but later grew to like it. He learned of a different culture that helped him view life from a different perspective.

Trevor Edwards was a bright student in his school. He excelled in his high school exams, besides an interest in foreign languages like German, Latin, and French. He then joined Baruch College in New York, where he studied business and MBA in international marketing and finance. After college, he landed a job at Goldman Sachs, an investment banking firm. It was an excellent job though Edward didn’t have the passion for carrying on. His mother was a supportive parent and saw the lack of desire. She advised him to quit so he could do what he liked.

In 1986, Trevor Edwards landed another job, brand marketing at Colgate Palmolive. He enjoyed his work here until 1992, when he heard about a job opening at A top athletic brand. He started working as the regional marketing manager but was later placed as the manager of strategic accounts. His determination and hard work made him work his way to the top. Currently, he is the company’s vice president of global brand management.

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