What You Need to Know About Abdulla Al Humaidi As CEO of KEH

Abdulla Al Humaidi is popularly known for his executive position at Kuwaiti European Holding Group (KEH) as the founder and CEO. In addition, he has held several executive positions including, CEO, Executive Vice Chairman, and Chairman for multiple companies based in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UK and Egypt. Apart from his CEO position at KEH, Abdulla Al Humaidi also serves as the Chairman of Ajwan, which happens to be part of the Kuwait Stock Exchange. KEH has also served as a connecting bridge for the Middle East and European financial services.


Through his excellent leadership skills and qualities, Abdulla Al Humaidi oversees the investments of various business industries. This includes healthcare sectors, financial services, and private hotel sectors. Apart from being an entrepreneur and investor, Abdulla Al Humaidi also has experience in the medical industry. He attended the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, and pursued a medical degree for seven years before graduating. 


Abdulla Al Humaidi established KEH in 2008, which has successfully operated to this day. KEH investment firm has expanded its operations to various countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Kuwait, London, Dubai, Cairo, Dublin, and works closely with an Integrated Financial Service Group in Kuwait (Thetimes). 

As of recent developments, KEH has involved Aqueous Resort in Egypt in its portfolios of investments. Aqueous Resort is a private beach located 196 million square meters on the coastline of the Red Sea. Abdulla Al Humaidi explains how the Aqueous Resort is an excellent investment for KEH due to its proximity to the Historical Luxor, less than 100 kilometers from the Resort.