What You Need To Know About Gurps Rai

In his interview with DotCom Magazine, entitled, “Gurps Singh Rai, CEO, droppTV, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview”, Gurps Rai shared how success has never truly hinged on a single key factor.  Success has always been achieved through a combination of factors.

It is a widely known philosophy that success is achieved by those who look for what is not commonly seen by the world. This may mean finding a niche and accomplishing what others seemingly find as impossible. Gurps Rai is a successful entrepreneur who has built his life on finding innovative opportunities to capitalize on. Playing in the league of Henry Ford and Hastings, Gurps Rai is a master of innovation in things such as droppTV.

Early Start

Gurps Rai grew up accustomed to getting discouraging words from those around him because of his economic status. He, however, did not let this put him down but worked smart to build his financial capability. He began his career in the foreign exchange market working for large corporations. Additionally, he saw an opportunity in the global carbon market. Nike was producing its signature air sole by placing airbags into the soles of its shoes.

The procedure however led to the emission of sulfur hexafluoride. When Nike discovered this, it voluntarily and at its own cost manufactured shoes that were sulfur hexafluoride-free. This enabled them to have millions of carbon credits and helped reduce their overall carbon footprints. Nike then chose Hub Culture to sell its carbon credits, which used the cryptocurrency Ven as the main means of purchase.

Gurps took the opportunity and liaised with the company he worked for to buy some of Nike’s carbon credits. He was very confident in the future of cryptocurrency that he spent $50, 000 on the purchase, which was equal to 500,000 Ven. See related link for additional information.

Recent Innovation

The successful entrepreneur has recently embarked on a new project that entails the first of the world’s kind, shoppable streaming platform. DroppTV works through a partnership with artists and maximizes smart video technology for it to work. The shoppable video entails an artist wearing what they want to sell, which allows shoppers to purchase by just clicking on the video without leaving the page. Gurps stands out from his competitors by removing pop-ups and advertisements, allowing artists to maximize gains from their videos.


Find more information about him on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/gurps-rai