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Yubo Participates In Safer Internet Day 2023

The Safer Internet Day is a global event that celebrates the positive power of the internet and aims to raise awareness of how to use it more safely and responsibly. The day is marked in over 140 countries worldwide and is co-organized by the Insafe/INHOPE network of Safer Internet Centers, with Yubo joining as a proud sponsor in 2023.

Yubo is a social network that helps people worldwide make meaningful connections and create a more positive online experience. They believe in creating an environment where young people can be themselves, express their unique personalities, and connect with peers with similar interests.

This year Yubo teamed up with two NGO’S, Childnet and Respect Zone, to promote online safety and encourage internet users to take responsibility for their online activities. Together they offer a range of activities to help young people learn how to stay safe online and provide advice on digital skills, media literacy, and mental well-being.

The collaboration made it possible to promote digital citizenship among youth, supporting the development of their digital skills and encouraging positive and responsible behavior online.

Yubo is committed to ensuring that its platform remains a safe environment for young people worldwide, ensuring that users are aware of the potential risks associated with using the internet and providing guidance on how to stay safe online.

Yubo’s participation in Safer Internet Day is one way it is helping to create a more responsible online community and promote positive online experiences for all. They hope that joining other organizations and individuals on this day will make the internet safer for everyone.

During the event, there was a presentation on company’s latest initiatives and their commitment to creating a safer online experience. Through its various campaigns, initiatives, and partnerships, Yubo has demonstrated its dedication to making the internet more secure for users of all ages.

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