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Yves Mirabaud Putting Clients Interest First

Yves Mirabaud is one of the most outstanding leaders of the Mirabaud group. His role as the senior manager has helped him come up with good ideas that have contributed to the company’s success. He is rated top of the best entrepreneurs due to his great skills and knowledge in managing a business. The company has reached its goals due to the good leadership skills that many admire. Yves is also well learned from the Graduate Institute of International Studies. He has held different positions in the company, which has made him an expert in business management.

The Mirabaud Group considers itself old-fashioned due to how they handle their clients. In most cases, they put their client’s needs first. Speaking in an interview, Yves describes how they managed to keep their client’s portfolio even with the pandemic. It’s through good management that the company survived the COVID season, which contributed to many companies’ failures. Although the company was affected somehow, Yves Mirabaud explains its due to the weakening of US dollars, among other factors. Such never stopped the company from working smart, which enabled them to save money on preparations.

Yves Mirabaud is proud of how he managed to keep his client’s accents intact without being affected. He noted that none of the clients complained about the pandemic. The company, however, has other plans to make it better for its clients. Yves has also managed to win several wealth management clients who are interested in investing in Switzerland. It is due to preparations for the future that the company helped in sponsoring many events, including the entertainment industry. In terms of hiring, the company is more focused on real estate private equity funds. Investing in the Middle East will also help the company with its technology goals. he continues to come up with new ways to manage the company. Click here to learn more.


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